So I read this post a little earlier and came to realise that everybody spends a lot of time thinking about are we sending the right messages, is our marketing relating to our brand etc etc but how much of that is actually relevant?

The Secret Marketer says:  "Great creative that has visual impact can help to bring in a customer, and to stand out in a highly crowded market, but in the end if your product, service or brand sucks, you crash and burn."

From my own experience I think creative marketing is a great means to brand awareness but equally you have to have a great product to back that up.  What is the point in bringing people to you if when they get there they're not interested in what you have to offer?

On the other hand how much of business today is simply generated by great service and a great product?  In those cases do we need flashy marketing for people to come to us? Or is our product alone simply enough to generate new business?

People sell to people and I myself am a big believer in buying from a person, regardless of their marketing or brand.  So I guess the thing that it always comes back to is us...what are we doing?  Are we as a business delivering the right message?  Not only through our marketing but through our reputation.  And the main question is why would a prospect buy from me and not somebody else?