A nice client of mine brought this to my attention today and made me realise how lucky I am to work at a great company that thinks about it's employee's health & well-being.

Did you know that people who sit for the majority of their workday are 32% more likely to develop certain forms of cancer regardless of their exercise routine? - Ok, so this bit scared me! But on the flip side of the coin, I also found out that standing 3 hours per day for one year is the equivalent to running 10 marathons - all while being on the clock at work (sweet!).

I'm lucky because my boss is into technology and health (see his previous Passle post - http://sharing.canddi.com/post/102d66i/get-connected-with-your-body ) and he got everyone a "standing desk" - basically a desk with an electronic top that moves up and down at the touch of a button = awesome!! 

I'm 6ft 2 (ish), so sitting at a normal desk and chair is awful for me. Even when I'm sitting at my desk, the combined adjustable heights of the chair and desktop have helped massively with my previous back-pain. I've not had back-pain since working at CANDDi (yay!).

Since reading this post I've realised I need to make more use of the standing element (I've never run a marathon), so I'm going to trial it for a full week and see how I feel next week.

So, I'm writing this to say, If you employ people, or manage a team, consider how more efficient they would be if they worked in a comfortable environment. Most companies see this as a tick box exercise (I've worked at a few) who are fine as long as the law says x or y and they cover this.

So if you feel like a slug at the end of the working day get in touch with us and we'll tell you where we got out desks from (we buy British as standard & Mancunian where possible).