ABSOLUTELY agree with pretty much everything in this article, and perhaps especially point number three. 

It's so easy to fall into the trap of wasting your energy on small decisions - decisions that feel like they matter, but actually sap your mental energy. 

It's well known by dieters that the more temptations you resist in one day, the harder it gets to resist the next (Lifehackers article: Limited Amount Of Willpower). The same must go for other things that take up your focus unnecessarily: I've definitely noticed that while travelling by myself where I have to decide every little thing on the fly, I wind up stressed and exhausted much quicker than when it's all planned in advance or someone else is in charge! (It probably helps that things tend to go smoother when they're planned though...)

Not that spontaneity isn't awesome (it will always be my favourite way to go) but perhaps this means we should just trust first instincts without question when the outcome makes no large difference to our life?

I'm one of those people who agonises over almost every decision from every angle - perhaps it's time to stop putting so much thought into what to eat for breakfast, and start saving my brainpower for the things that really matter.