I watched Drew Dudley's video tonight and it reminded me of my fantastic parents. I'm a lucky guy!

I wanted to quit Uni so much at one point, just before my first year's final exams. I felt out classed and undereducated, compared to my peers but a simple thing by parent's told me led me to stick it out and carry on.

They told me it doesn't matter what happens in the exams, no matter what, just try your best and if you fail - you know you've tried your hardest but quit now - you'll never know what you could have achieved. They explained that no matter what, if I get that qualification, nobody can take it away from me and I can do anything I want after that, even if it doesn't require a degree (my dad's example was "be a bin-man if you want to", my dad was a butcher). This was my "light bulb" moment! I cleared my head, calmed down and just went for it.

I recently told my parent's this was the best advice I'd every received from them - they couldn't even remember our chat! I completed my degree and managed to make use of it.

The point is, my parents are awesome leaders and didn't even know it - are you? Every little thing you do can have a positive or negative impact on your peers, make sure it's a positive one :-)