Today, Laura Gordon came into the CANDDi office and gave us a valuable lesson on happiness at work. If you contact Laura, I'm sure she'd be interested in helping you spread happiness thoughout your company!

We spend the majority of our lives at work, so we owe it to ourselves and our colleagues to be happy and to help our colleagues to be happy too. For any boss or manager reading this, consider that happier employees are more productive, therefore encouraging a happy environment is better for business.

Today, with Laura we discussed what we were grateful for at CANDDi which made us happy and besides the obvious "payday" answer, others included the free Nespresso, standing desks, Friday drinks and morning music (to get us energised). I'm personally grateful for the nice bunch of people I'm proud to work with (which helps me be happy) all of whom are up for a laugh. Taking time to think about these things, with the aim to consciously improve the happiness within our company is really interesting and at the end of our 8 week period (to change some habits) I'll report back to you!

So, if you think you think you'd like to assess and improve your company's happiness levels, contact Laura @LauraGordonComm or @DreamBuilderMcr and have a read of her blog....