In my opinion this is something that most sales people miss.  They are so busy telling people how wonderful their product or service is and how it works, that they forget to consider why somebody would find it beneficial in the first place.

As a sales person myself this is something I have had to work on.  You start a new job you get taught about the product and you learn to talk to people about it simply through having conversations, but nobody teaches you how to think like a prospect.

Why would they want to buy from me?  What impact is it going to have on their business?  Why should they change from their current supplier? and what will their return on investment be?

Selling B2B, the main thing a business owner wants to know is how much is it going to cost me and in return what will I get?

But as important as it is to ask yourself why, you should also be asking your prospects why. Fact find about your prospect, they will give you information but do not be afraid to ask why that is important to them.  It is only then that you can really demonstrate the value you can add when you really get to know more about them and their business.

Sales is an ongoing thing from initial sign and continues into them being a retained customer.  In some cases you will have account developers or account managers that will then look after their customers account moving forward.  They tell their customers exactly what they need to be doing to get ROI but again the biggest bit that they neglect is WHY?!

Even the simplest of things, if nothing else, will cost money in a resources time, so the thing that should always be in the forefront of our minds is why should they do this?  Really getting to grips with the end solution you can achieve rather than the obvious facts is what is going to change things massively from that initial sale through to account development and customer retention.