With the Brexit vote looming, I won't say which side I'm on; however have you ever considered who's interests the main-stream media have at heart?

I'd expect Sky news to be pro-EU as they are a company trading all over Europe with economies of scale working in their favour. With the U.K. being part of the EU, it makes things easy for them (and less costly), so perhaps we should take their news with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand EuroNews (a few channels above Sky News) are often much more neutral when it comes to what's happening in Europe. It covers a lot of news that Sky just don't mention. Did you know that in January this year, Hungary's Government literally nationalised all private pension schemes in the country to help make payments to their national pension scheme. How did Sky not cover this at the time, isn't this big news? If you have a private pension this would be important to know right, especially with an EU referendum on the way. Could this happen in the UK???

So, the press have an element of freedom but depending on the owners, this could be manipulated in their favour depending on what they do or don't report on.

Take this one step higher and the Government has its own agenda as do the politicians within these Governments who one day will (hopefully) hold non-executive directorships of Goldman Sachs (Clinton) or be paid fortunes by banks or multi-nationals companies to give speeches at company AGMs (Blair).

We all like to think we live in a Democracy but from the limited choice we have in the UK, what we really need is free speech and a free market.

On Brexit, I recommend that you do your own research, look at both sides and consider it carefully as it could be the last time we get to choose.