Please take time to watch this video (it's on the webpage below). Again it's an example of what the "mainstream media" will not cover.

As an ex-IFA I like to think that I know the odd thing or two about economics and the financial services industry and recently (since 2008), the scandals have got bigger and more frequent.

Here Helen, the attorney for the Madoff victims explains why the whistleblowers are so important. Banks invest in media outlets so unfortunately she hasn't received the publicity that Katie Price receives when she writes a book.

Helen covers how each banking scandal replaces the next scandal and that the fraud from each scandal is what earns the big banks the money these days (even after the Govt fines imposed post fraud). It isn't the profit from their banking products e.g mortgages that makes them to big to fail - instead it's protecting the likes of Madoff, LIBOR fixing and precious metals price fixing etc).

Helen has written a book, which I'll be buying to support her work in exposing the banks for what they have done and what they are likely to do next. The next one will be the big one, so keep some cash under the mattress!

Unfortunately the Governments, the media (vast majority) and the big, big banks are all in it together.

You should be very concerned....