I've recently had a few enquiries about email marketing automation, something we can help our clients with via Zapier to target visitors who have been on "x" product page or a combination of "x" and "y" pages etc etc.

I'm not however a marketing person, I'm much more a sales person due to past employment experience, however during my Uni years, marketing fascinated me, as did advertising. So when, clients who are in smaller companies without marketing people ask me how to get started, I explain the various platforms that can do this - but let them make up their own mind. I also suggest some other cool things I see other companies doing.

One such email platform released a great article within the last month, which I'd recommend you look over, discussing the 5 common barriers and 5 ways to overcome said barriers - helping you get more leads for your sales team.

Get in touch if you feel you could benefit, meanwhile take a look at DotMailer's article below...